My rates are the following For Modeling:

*$150/hr mínimum 2 hours

*$500/half day (4 hours)

*$700/full day (6 hours)

Information I Need:

I am very professional and would like to save your time and mine so send me as much of the following information as possible:

*Potential dates and times
*Proposed location
*Desired booking length
*Team detail (If applicable)

Please Keep In Mind:
*If there will be additional models and/or photographers involved in our shoot please make sure that all parties are aweare of this up front.
*I am paid for my time on set. I do not stop the timer while you are changing lights, etc.
This typically also includes time int he chair if you hired a H/MUA. 

-I really appreciate it when food is provided on set, but please let me know so I can fill you in on my dietary restrictions. 

Location Work:
If we’re planning to shoot outdoors please have a backup indoor location in case of weather or safety issues. Similarly, let’s have a backup outfit or two planned if we’re shooting outdoor.
I sometimes shoot in water/rain/snow/etc. 

If you are planning a shoot around that you MUST confirm it with me first. Please do not assume I will be able to handle 58 degree weather or low temperatures without preparations. 

I reserve the right to veto areas and/or ideas what I deem unsafe.


I require half to the agreed compensation non-refundable unless it is cancel 72 hours before the shoot. 

My rates for appearances:

*$50/10 minute introduction
*$350/Events (4 hours)
*$50/75 Endorsements

Hablame Bajito - Abraham Mateo
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